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High Speed Steel Bosch Injector Nozzle CE / Bosch Control Valve ISO9001 Certified

Packaging Details : 1pc/tube,10pcs/box Delivery Time : Within 1-2 days after payment ,you can receive goods Within 6-12 day
Payment Terms : T/T , Western Union , PayPal , Ect.
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: BOSCH
Model Number: Bosch DLLA145P2301 , DLLA 145 P 2301

Detail Information

Warranty: 6 Month Related Valve: Bosch Control Valve
Material: High-speed Steel Related Injector: Bosch Injector
Box Size: 10(cm)*4.5(cm)*7.5(cm) Certificate: CE , ISO9001

Product Description

Product Description:

The ORTIZ BOSCH Injector Nozzle represents a pinnacle of precision engineering designed to seamlessly integrate with the distinguished Bosch Injector system, specifically tailored for diesel engines. This fuel injector nozzle device is an essential component of the fuel injector nozzle system, ensuring the delivery of fuel is both precise and efficient, directly contributing to the optimal performance of the engine. Crafted with the highest standards of quality and durability, the ORTIZ brand stands behind this product with a solid 6-month warranty, reflecting the confidence in its performance and reliability.

At the heart of any diesel engine is the fuel injection system, and the BOSCH Injector Nozzle by ORTIZ is a critical aspect of this system. The nozzle's main function is to atomize the diesel fuel, breaking it down into tiny droplets that can burn more completely in the engine's combustion chamber. This process is vital for maintaining the engine's power output, fuel efficiency, and emissions standards. With the implementation of the high pressure fuel injector technology, the ORTIZ nozzle ensures a fine and even spray of fuel, which translates to a more complete combustion and, consequently, a reduction in the unburnt fuel that can lead to soot and other emissions.

The ORTIZ BOSCH Injector Nozzle is characterized by its distinctive black needle, a signature design feature that not only conveys a sleek aesthetic but is also indicative of the robust material quality used in its manufacture. The black needle is intricately designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures it is subjected to within the diesel injector environment, ensuring longevity and consistent performance throughout its lifecycle.

Compatibility with the Bosch Injector system is paramount when selecting a fuel injector nozzle device. The ORTIZ BOSCH Injector Nozzle is engineered to be fully compatible with the Bosch high pressure fuel injector, ensuring a seamless fit and function. This compatibility is crucial for maintaining the precision timing and fuel atomization characteristics that Bosch injectors are renowned for. Car owners and service technicians can rest assured that the ORTIZ nozzle will integrate flawlessly with the existing system, upholding the engine's performance and efficiency.

Quality is a key component of the ORTIZ brand, and the BOSCH Injector Nozzle is no exception. Manufactured to stringent specifications, each nozzle is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the high standards expected of fuel injector nozzle systems. This attention to detail guarantees that each ORTIZ nozzle will deliver reliable service, contributing to the overall health and efficiency of the diesel engine.

Understanding the importance of product assurance, ORTIZ offers a 6-month warranty on the BOSCH Injector Nozzle. This warranty is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Vehicle owners can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected against any manufacturing defects or performance shortfalls for a significant period after purchase.

In conclusion, the ORTIZ BOSCH Injector Nozzle is an indispensable component for any diesel fuel injector nozzle system, especially for those equipped with the Bosch Injector. Its high pressure fuel injector capabilities, robust black needle design, and the reputation of the ORTIZ brand for quality and reliability, all backed by a 6-month warranty, make it an excellent choice for discerning car owners who demand the best performance from their diesel engines. Invest in the ORTIZ BOSCH Injector Nozzle for assured efficiency, power, and longevity of your vehicle's diesel engine.



  • Product Name: BOSCH Injector Nozzle
  • Related injector: Bosch Injector
  • Model Number: Bosch DLLA145P2301, DLLA 145 P 2301
  • Car Engine: Diesel Injector
  • Net Weight: 30g/pc
  • Certificate: CE, ISO9001
  • Keyword: High Pressure Fuel Injector
  • Keyword: Bosch Fuel Injector Nozzle

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Details
Packaging Details 1pc/tube,10pcs/box
Warranty 6 Month
Net Weight 30g/pc
Related Valve Bosch Control Valve
Related injector Bosch Injector
Box Size 10(cm)*4.5(cm)*7.5(cm)
Brand Name ORTIZ
Needle Color Black
Material High-speed Steel
Car Engine Diesel Injector


The ORTIZ Injector Nozzle, with model number DLLA145P2301, is an essential Bosch Fuel Injector Component designed specifically for diesel engines. As a product originating from CHINA, ORTIZ has established itself as a reputable supplier in the automotive industry, ensuring that every nozzle is crafted from high-speed steel for durability and performance. The injector nozzle plays a crucial role in the Fuel Injector Nozzle System, delivering fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine with precision.

Applicable in a variety of scenarios, the ORTIZ Injector Nozzle is a versatile solution for automotive repair shops, diesel specialists, and end-users looking to restore the efficiency of their vehicle's High Pressure Fuel Injector system. Whether it’s for routine maintenance or a necessary replacement due to wear and tear, this injector nozzle meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

One of the key application occasions for the ORTIZ Injector Nozzle DLLA145P2301 is during the servicing of diesel-powered vehicles. Professional mechanics understand the importance of using high-quality components to maintain the integrity of a vehicle's fuel system. The ORTIZ brand ensures that only the best materials are used, which is why their injector nozzles are made from high-speed steel for maximum resilience under the high-pressure demands of modern diesel engines.

Additionally, the ORTIZ Injector Nozzle is an ideal choice for car enthusiasts and DIYers who take pride in performing their own vehicle maintenance. With a black needle color that signifies its toughness and a warranty that extends for 6 months, users can be confident in the product’s longevity and function. The easy availability and quick delivery time of within 1-2 days after payment, with the possibility of receiving the goods within 6-12 days, make it convenient for customers who require a fast turnaround for their vehicle repairs.

Effortless transactions are facilitated with a range of payment options such as T/T, Western Union, and PayPal, among others, accommodating a wide array of customer preferences and ensuring a smooth purchase process. Whether you're managing a fleet of diesel vehicles or ensuring your personal car is in top condition, the ORTIZ Injector Nozzle DLLA145P2301 is the go-to component for maintaining an efficient and reliable fuel injector system.


Support and Services:

The BOSCH Injector Nozzle is a precision-engineered fuel injection component designed to deliver optimal performance and fuel efficiency for your engine. Our product is manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and longevity. To maintain these standards and ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle, it is essential to use our professional technical support and services.

Technical Support:

Our technical support team is available to provide assistance with product specifications, installation guidance, troubleshooting, and any other inquiries related to the BOSCH Injector Nozzle. We employ a team of experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of fuel injection systems and are ready to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Installation Services:

If you require professional installation, our certified technicians are available to provide this service. They are trained to handle the precise installation of the BOSCH Injector Nozzle, ensuring that it is fitted correctly to your engine for optimal performance.

Maintenance and Repair Services:

To ensure your BOSCH Injector Nozzle continues to operate at peak efficiency, regular maintenance is recommended. Our maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, and testing of the nozzle to prevent common issues such as clogging or wear. If repair is necessary, we use only genuine BOSCH parts to guarantee the integrity and performance of the repaired nozzle.

Warranty Services:

The BOSCH Injector Nozzle comes with a manufacturer's warranty. For details on the coverage and how to make a claim, please refer to the warranty documentation provided with your product. Our support team can assist you with any warranty-related questions and guide you through the process if a claim is necessary.

Product Upgrades:

As technology advances, we may offer upgrades to your BOSCH Injector Nozzle to improve its performance or compatibility with newer fuels or engine types. Keep an eye on our announcements for any product updates that could benefit your vehicle.

Recycling Services:

At the end of your BOSCH Injector Nozzle's lifecycle, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We provide information and services for the proper recycling or disposal of your used nozzle, in accordance with local regulations and environmental best practices.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our technical support team. Please note that while we strive to provide comprehensive support, services may vary by region and availability.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for BOSCH Injector Nozzle:

Each BOSCH Injector Nozzle is securely packaged in a protective case designed to prevent damage during transportation. The case is then placed inside a sturdy cardboard box, which is filled with shock-absorbing material to cushion the nozzle against impacts. The packaging is sealed with heavy-duty tape and clearly labeled with the product name, part number, and a barcode for inventory tracking purposes.

Shipping for BOSCH Injector Nozzle:

The boxed BOSCH Injector Nozzle is shipped using a reliable carrier to ensure timely and safe delivery. Each package is accompanied by a packing slip detailing the contents and an order confirmation number for customer reference. We provide tracking information via email so customers can monitor their shipment's progress. For added security, a signature may be required upon delivery to ensure the product reaches the correct recipient.

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