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CE Certified BOSCH Injector Nozzle Black High speed Steel Needle 50g/pc Gross Weight

Delivery Time : Within 1-2 days after payment ,you can receive goods Within 6-12 day Payment Terms : T/T , Western Union , PayPal , Ect.
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: BOSCH
Model Number: Bosch DLLA145P2301 , DLLA 145 P 2301

Detail Information

Box Size: 10(cm)*4.5(cm)*7.5(cm) Gross Weight: 50g/pc
Needle Color: Black Material: High-speed Steel
Certificate: CE , ISO9001 Related Valve: Bosch Control Valve
Related Injector: Bosch Injector

Product Description

Product Description:

The ORTIZ brand stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the automotive components industry, and their latest offering is no exception. Introducing the ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device, a crucial component for vehicle owners and service providers looking to maintain or enhance engine performance. This precision-crafted product is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of modern fuel injection systems, ensuring your engine runs smoother, cleaner, and more efficiently.

With a Net Weight of just 30g per piece, the ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device offers a lightweight design without compromising on durability or performance. Each nozzle is meticulously manufactured to provide accurate fuel delivery, optimizing the combustion process and thereby improving the overall efficiency of your vehicle. The lightweight nature of the injector nozzle ensures minimal alteration to the engine's dynamics, maintaining the vehicle manufacturer's intended performance and handling characteristics.

Quality assurance is paramount when it comes to vehicle components, and the ORTIZ Injector Nozzle is backed by industry-standard certifications, including CE and ISO9001. These certifications are a testament to the commitment ORTIZ has made to quality, safety, and environmental considerations, providing peace of mind to consumers and professionals alike. When you choose ORTIZ, you are investing in a product that meets rigorous international standards.

Despite its light net weight, the ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device has a Gross Weight of 50g per piece, indicative of the robust construction and materials used. This additional weight accounts for the secure packaging and added protection that ensures your product arrives in perfect condition, ready for installation. The robust design of the injector nozzle ensures longevity and resistance to the harsh conditions found within an engine bay, making it a smart and durable choice for any vehicle.

Understanding that maintenance and repair are integral parts of a vehicle's lifecycle, ORTIZ provides relevant repair kits to accompany the Fuel Injector Nozzle Device. The kits, identified by the part numbers F 00V C99 002 and F00VC99002, contain all necessary components required for a standard injector nozzle service or repair. These comprehensive kits ensure that professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike have everything they need for a hassle-free maintenance experience, extending the life of the nozzle and maintaining engine performance.

The ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device is engineered to be a direct replacement for the Bosch Fuel Injector Component, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles that utilize Bosch fuel injection systems. This makes the ORTIZ nozzle a versatile and accessible option for those looking to replace or upgrade their existing Bosch components. The seamless integration with Bosch systems guarantees that the integrity of your vehicle's Fuel Injector Nozzle System is maintained or enhanced, providing a smooth transition during the replacement process.

Optimized for performance, the ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device ensures that fuel is atomized effectively, allowing for better air-fuel mixture and a more complete combustion. This leads to a reduction in emissions, an increase in power output, and improved fuel economy, all of which are critical factors in today's environmentally conscious and performance-oriented society. The precision engineering of the nozzle ensures that it can handle the demands of both everyday driving and more strenuous conditions, making it a versatile choice for any application.

In conclusion, the ORTIZ Fuel Injector Nozzle Device is a product that offers the perfect blend of quality, performance, and reliability. It provides an exceptional aftermarket solution for those seeking to maintain or improve their vehicle's fuel injection system, ensuring that engines run at their peak performance. With its lightweight design, industry certifications, and compatibility with Bosch systems, this fuel injector nozzle is an excellent choice for any automotive enthusiast or professional looking to make a smart investment in their vehicle's future.



  • Product Name: BOSCH Injector Nozzle
  • Related injector: Bosch Injector
  • Box Size: 10(cm)*4.5(cm)*7.5(cm)
  • Car Engine: Diesel Injector
  • Net Weight: 30g/pc
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • Key Feature: Fuel Injection Nozzle
  • System Compatibility: Fuel Injector Nozzle System
  • Designation: Fuel Injection Nozzle

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Needle Color Black
Box Size 10(cm) * 4.5(cm) * 7.5(cm)
Related Valve Bosch Control Valve
Packaging Details 1pc/tube, 10pcs/box
Relevant Repair Kits F 00V C99 002, F00VC99002
Gross Weight 50g/pc
Certificate CE, ISO9001
Warranty 6 Month
Material High-speed Steel
Related injector Bosch Injector


The BOSCH Injector Nozzle, specifically the model Bosch DLLA145P2301, also known as DLLA 145 P 2301, is an integral component of the modern combustion engine's fuel delivery system. Originating from CHINA, this fuel injector nozzle device is engineered to meet the high standards of precision and efficiency that BOSCH is renowned for. The nozzle is designed to deliver fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber at the precise moment and in the exact quantity required to ensure optimal engine performance.

Applicable to a wide range of scenarios, the Bosch Injector Nozzle is suitable for vehicles needing high-pressure fuel injector technology. Its compatibility with related Bosch Injectors ensures seamless integration for automotive technicians and car enthusiasts looking for reliable and high-quality replacement parts. The prompt delivery time, with goods being received within 6-12 days after payment, underscores the commitment to customer satisfaction. Payment is facilitated by various methods including T/T, Western Union, and PayPal, among others, catering to a global market.

Each Bosch Injector Nozzle comes in a compact box with dimensions of 10(cm) x 4.5(cm) x 7.5(cm), making it easy to store and handle. The needle color is a classic black, signifying the quality and sophistication associated with the BOSCH brand. Despite its small size, with a net weight of 30g/pc, the Bosch DLLA145P2301 is a powerhouse in the realm of high-pressure fuel injectors, ensuring that vehicles operate with precision and power.

The application of the Bosch Injector Nozzle extends to various occasions where engine reliability and efficiency are paramount. It is particularly relevant in the automotive industry where high performance and lower emissions are increasingly important. Whether it’s for routine maintenance, a critical replacement, or an upgrade for better fuel economy and power, the Bosch DLLA145P2301 is the go-to part for professionals and vehicle owners alike. Its robust design ensures durability under the high-pressure demands of modern fuel injection systems, making it a cornerstone in the maintenance of high-performance engines.


Support and Services:

The BOSCH Injector Nozzle is a high-precision fuel injection component designed to deliver optimal performance and fuel efficiency for your engine. To ensure the longevity and reliability of your BOSCH Injector Nozzle, we offer comprehensive technical support and services tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Our technical support services include detailed product documentation, which provides valuable information on installation, operation, and maintenance procedures. This documentation is crafted to be user-friendly and to assist you in getting the most out of your BOSCH Injector Nozzle.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the performance of your injector nozzle, our team of trained professionals is ready to provide expert advice and troubleshooting assistance. We are committed to helping you resolve any technical challenges quickly and efficiently.

We also offer a range of services to maintain and service your BOSCH Injector Nozzle to ensure it continues to operate at peak performance. These services include cleaning, testing, calibration, and if necessary, repairs or replacements using genuine BOSCH parts.

To further support our customers, we provide access to a network of authorized service centers where experienced technicians can perform professional maintenance and repair services. These centers are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and technologies to handle all aspects of injector nozzle servicing.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of technical support and services for their BOSCH Injector Nozzle, ensuring your engine's fuel system remains in top condition for years to come.


Packing and Shipping:

The BOSCH Injector Nozzle is securely packaged in a sturdy, branded box designed to protect the item during transit. The box is sealed with tamper-evident tape to ensure the product remains untouched until it reaches the end-user.

Inside the packaging, the nozzle is encased in a form-fitting foam insert that prevents movement and cushions against impacts. A protective cap is placed over the nozzle tip to guard against contamination and damage.

Each package includes a set of installation instructions and any necessary warning labels to guide the user through proper handling and installation. The exterior of the box clearly displays the BOSCH logo, the part number, and a barcode for easy identification and inventory management.

For shipping, the boxed injector nozzle is placed within a secondary packing material, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, in a shipping container appropriate to the order size. The container is sealed and labeled with the recipient's address, handling instructions, and any relevant shipping documents required for transit and customs clearance, where applicable.

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